Davon Construction - Hoedspruit

Completed Projects
Wildlife Estate #542

This custom-finished, spacious residence with a double garage displays a wooden loft, high ceilings with exposed trusses and solid Rhodesian teak decking, making it one of the pristine homes in Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate.

  • CPF-0705-HDR
  • CPF-0714-HDR
  • CPF-0720-HDR
  • CPF-0730-HDR
  • CPF-0745-HDR
  • CPF-0780-HDR
  • DAL-0388
  • DAL-0393
  • DAL-0407-HDR
  • DAL-0419-HDR
  • DAL-0422-HDR
  • DAL-0430-HDR
CPF-0705-HDR1 CPF-0714-HDR2 CPF-0720-HDR3 CPF-0730-HDR4 CPF-0745-HDR5 CPF-0780-HDR6 DAL-03887 DAL-03938 DAL-0407-HDR9 DAL-0419-HDR10 DAL-0422-HDR11 DAL-0430-HDR12