Davon Construction - Hoedspruit

Completed Projects

This double storey residence with double garage located on the Karongwe Game Reserve on a dry riverbed required the installation of a solid Rhodesian teak tongue and groove second storey floor and cat walk. Further signal features include the following:

  • karongwe-0001
  • karongwe-0002
  • karongwe-0003
  • karongwe-0004
  • karongwe-0005
  • karongwe-0006
  • karongwe-0007
  • karongwe-0008
  • karongwe-0009
  • karongwe-0010
  • karongwe-0011
karongwe-00011 karongwe-00022 karongwe-00033 karongwe-00044 karongwe-00055 karongwe-00066 karongwe-00077 karongwe-00088 karongwe-00099 karongwe-001010 karongwe-001111