Davon Construction - Hoedspruit

Completed Projects
Phelwana Game Lodge

The well-known Phelwana Game Lodge, upon changing hands to a dynamic owner team, required extensive modification to the main lodge area and existing chalets, the addition of two unique tented chalets and the design and construction of a manager’s residence.

  • 0078_CPF_0130
  • 0123_DAL_0067
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  • 0174_DAL_0099
  • 0283_CPF_0251
  • 0655_CPF_0468
  • 0697_CPF_0490
  • CPF-0192
  • CPF-0197
  • DAL-0008
  • CPF-0032-HDR
  • CPF-0047-HDR
  • CPF-0087-HDR
  • DAL-0057
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