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Completed Projects
Timbavati Bush School

Davon Construction had the honour to develop this unique project, realised by the generosity of various land owners within the Timbavati Game Reserve.

The Timbavati Bush School educates leaners from 35 schools in the area regarding the fundamental facts and processes for conservation and environmental awareness. The Timbavati clinic supplies healthcare free of charge to those in need.

This inspiring project consisted of the construction of a main building comprising of a boarding facility, kitchen and laundry, conference area, staff accommodation and kitchen. A teachers’ accommodation was also developed along with a principal’s residence and garages.

  • CPF-0168-Pano
  • DAL-0066
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  • CPF-0114-HDR
  • CPF-0119-HDR
  • CPF-0149-HDR
  • CPF-0161
  • 118
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  • CPF-0162
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